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Thank you Siena Jazz.

Posted on Aug 21, 2017 in Blog, News, teachings

Thank you Siena Jazz.

I want to thank Jacopo Guidi , Caterina Di Perri for the opportunity and the trust in me to be part of one of the most amazing Jazz programs in the world , also all the staff and of course the AMAZING students/artists.

Truly special experience and rewarding beyond measures. Thank you..Until next time.

It has been a real pleasure meeting you and see you play, teach and interact with the students, one of the best attitude I have ever meet in the last years. The world needs this kind of energy !” – Caterina Di Perri – Siena Jazz

meeting you was a huge surprise for all of us! you’re an amazing musician and teacher, we learned lots from you. you’re incredible! hoping you’ll be back next year. hugs! 🌻” – Evita Polidoro – Jazz Drummer

Hola Henry it’s Luca from London. I want to extend my gratitude for all you have shared with us this past week. I truly feel refreshed with a bunch of exciting new material to explore when I’m back home. Seeing the way you work up close has inspired me to challenge things on the drums which I previously would not have imagined! See you in September in London 😊” – Luca Caruso – Jazz Drumer

Hey henry it’s rotem the guitar player from the workshop in siena. Just wanted to say again thank you for everything! I learned a lot and it was my honor to play with you! So thank you and i hope to see you soon! Good luck!:)” –  Rotem Eylam – Jazz Guitarist.

hermanito!thanks bro, for reaching out and for your words.btw you did an incredible job (i’m just reading the student evaluation on the teachers. you had 5 stars in all of them!!!)” – Jacopo Guidi – Siena Jazz


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