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Sienna Jazz 2017 is happening!!!!

Posted on May 16, 2017 in Blog, News

Sienna Jazz 2017 is happening!!!!

I’m honored to be part of an amazing group of artist that will form the faculty  for the Sienna International Workshops 2017. It is going to be amazing : ) !.I’m looking forward to this…

The 47th year of Summer Workshop is devoted to making music, to sharing experience, to exchanging personal musical languages and to harmonizing cultures from different countries. Students from all five continents have for years now gathered at the Siena Jazz Seminars and have discovered their affinities while getting to know each other, playing music together, sharing their passion and love for jazz.

At the core of the learning process lies the gaining and sharing of experience. Each day students will work with two different ensemble music groups with different make-ups under the instruction of different teachers, and will further take part in two lessons of instrumental improvisation technique, these sessions, too, led by different teachers and composed of a maximum of 8 students.

Here is the line up:

Theo Bleckmann  -> Vocals / Combo class    Diana Torto  -> Vocals / Combo class

Becca  Stevens -> Vocals / Combo class      Susanne Abbuehl-> Vocals / Combo class

Avishai Cohen -> Trumpet / Combo class     Dave Douglas-> Trumpet / Combo class

Fulvio Sigurtà -> Trumpet / Combo class   Giovanni Falzone  -> Trumpet / Combo class

Maurizio Giammarco -> Sax / Combo class     Ben Wendel -> Sax / Combo class

Will Vinson-> Sax / Combo class     Achille Succi -> Sax / Combo class

Ben Monder -> Guitar / Combo class     Gilad  Hekselman -> Guitar / Combo class

Lage Lund -> Guitar / Combo class     Roberto Cecchetto -> Guitar / Combo class

Matt Mitchell -> Piano / Combo class     Gerard Clayton -> Piano / Combo class

Franco D’Andrea -> Piano / Combo class     Stefano Battaglia -> Piano / Combo class

Ben Street -> Bass / Combo class    Harish Raghavan  -> Bass / Combo class

Furio Di Castri -> Bass / Combo class     Joe Sanders-> Bass / Combo class

Ettore Fioravanti -> Drums / Combo class     Marcus Gilmore -> Drums / Combo class

Henry Cole-> Drums / Combo class     Roberto Gatto -> Drums / Combo class

Claudio Fasoli -> Combo class     Logan Richardson -> Combo class

Drew Gress -> Combo class     Chris Tordini -> Combo class

Enrico Rava -> Master class (August 1st-3rd)

Francesco Martinelli -> History of Jazz

Website : http://www.sienajazz.it/courses/international-summer-workshop-2017/?lang=en

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