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Rough Mixes are DONE!

Posted on Sep 16, 2016 in Simple

Rough Mixes are DONE!

Rough Mixes are DONE!.
What an amazing journey this was..incredible.
One of the most intense for sure but fun and soulful beyond words.

Very simple..

Without the help,trust,passion,mastery,ears,
vision,friendship,patience,love and the hang this humans bring at every moment,this journey would have been way too boring,uncreative and flat.

I can write a book full of memories. Those shoe- less/dancing non stop  edit sessions were amazing.

@gabo_lugo -@philjolygram -Chris Allen -Andy Taub – Dave Darlington – @bunkerstudio- @lrdbass – Hector Ivan and Tito Peña at #alfastudios and Alex Sterling at @precisionsoundnyc .Amazing.
Im sure a few more tweeks will be made but the escence is clear.

Ready for the new journey!!.Got to sell more t shirts to buy a new hard drive!!:) #hcsimple

Today is a special day..

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