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Language into a Beat: An Interview with Henry Cole

Posted on Aug 21, 2017 in Blog, Music, News

Language into a Beat: An Interview with Henry Cole

We’re excited to host this world renowned percussionist who is transforming the music scene: Henry Cole, a Puerto Rican native, alongside the Villa Locura, combines a variety of musical styles to create an entirely unique genre. His fusion of beats – from salsa, to folklore, to funk, to R&B, to jazz, to Afro-Caribbean rhythms – moves audiences to feel and dance across the globe; and when he isn’t making music, he teaches musicians in acclaimed classrooms like those of Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center.

Though he’s been named “the future of drumming,” Cole remains humble in his successes. His polite, cool, and unwavering attitude has earned him the respect of not only world musicians and audiences everywhere, but also, ours. We had the pleasure of speaking with Cole to learn more about his passion for the drums, the evolution of his music, and his hopes for the future of music.

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