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Henry Cole & The Afrobeat Collective – Roots Before Branches ( full album)

Posted on Jan 12, 2016 in News

Henry Cole & The Afrobeat Collective – Roots Before Branches ( full album)


Henry has taken the tradition he grew up in and greatly expanded it’s meaning. His recording “Roots Before Branches” is a beautiful demonstration of this expansion. -Chick Corea – 11 Mar ’13

“Along the way, Henry Cole & The Afro Beat Collective will have made you smile, made you think, surprised you, and – most of all – made you want to dance. You tell me: what more can you ask of an album?” – Jam Bands.com

“The grooves he and his band created are universally understood and can move the soul of feet of people from any ethnicity.” — S. Victor Aaron — Something Else Reviews

“Roots starts tight, trumpets shouting together with Latin American rapport, and briefly you think you’ve got it nailed, but by the end you’ve been taken through classical strings and electronic distortion and you’re finishing with loose rolls of jazz, and you realise it can’t be pegged by mortal ears. It is interesting to see Afrobeat so deliberately renovated in this personal and nonpolitical way. – Pop Matters

“There is much to be said about a musician stepping out from his comfort zone as an accomplished and acclaimed sideman to record the music he hears in his head, never forgetting where he came from, but steadfast in focus of where he is going.” – All about Jazz “.

This thing should come with a black-on-yellow sticker: “MASTERS AT WORK.” – Jam Band .com

“ There’s rock, bebop, poetic recitation, floating Ornette coleman-style melodies, elegiac string- quartet writing, ambient electronics” —- New York Times —- Ben Ratliff

“Roots Before Branches is an energizing, natural-sounding example of the New York melting-pot style.” -Chicago Reader

With magnificent performances from a large, well-oiled machine of a group, plus guests of the stature of alto saxophonist, Miguel Zenón, tenor giant, David Sánchez and guitarist, Adam Rogers, Henry Cole has left an indelible mark on music with a singularly memorable debut record, so aptly titled as to almost point in the direction in which the master drummer will be headed in the near future. “ – The World Music Report

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