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Drums Solo in Puerto Rico (March 2017)

Posted on May 16, 2017 in Blog, Music, News

Drums Solo in Puerto Rico (March 2017)

Recorded March 24 2017.

This gig closed a 5 week tour with Miguel Zenon – Luis Perdomo and Hans Glawishnig.

It is in Puerto Rico were I get really nervous. To me is like going to a Jury -maybe created by myself-, but it definitely makes me push harder. It is out of love , respect and admiration to all great musicians from Puerto Rico and the love for my friends and family…and a enormous sense of responsibility towards this Art.

Perhaps the only other place I get this is playing at the Village Vanguard in NYC. When is time to play there is like going to a Jury who saw you before and expect progress!

I hope you enjoy!


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