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Quincy Jones 80th & The LP Family

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Hola a todos, I wanted to share two very special events that just happened recently of which I feel very fortunate , honored and proud. I spent the last 2 weeks touring with Mr. Quincy Jones  and his Global Gumbo project. We celebrated his 80th Anniversary touring Switzerland , Korea and Japan !! It will take me hours to write how much learning and joy  we all got from that experience. We were 50 people on board including all the crew and from one end to the other this tour was filled with incredible artistry. Only two drummers ,myself  and...

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Website is up!!!

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Here is the new first official website!!. I’m really happy with the amazing job web designers Ariel Hernandez Donemech & Gustavo Elizalde Ibañez put into this project that started from scratch!.  Take a look and subscribe to the newsletter if you wish. I’m still finishing some details but I feel is ready to share!. Recent news include the European debut of the Afrobeat Collective in Salamanca , Spain and then at Bogui Jazz in Madrid. It was amazing and very inspiring . Now we’ll play Milan at UNOJAZZ Festival on July...

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Welcome to this Blog!!

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Hello all, This is Henry Cole. I’m proud and happy to present this new web space called Blog. My goal is to connect, share and learn from anyone interested on being a better musician/artist/person and little by little create a space were  ideas , opinions and thoughts are explored. I’ve always been in love with the process of learning and the road ”behind the scenes” to achieve something, so we’ll focus on how to improve our craft on all aspects. From practice routines to eating, staying positive, reading and exercise tips, lets share the...

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